I have decided to update my blog because I realise that it is really hard to keep in contact with everyone nowadays.

I have been trying my best to update to the environment in NUS and until now I still admit that I am still at the adapting period. Everyone around me is serious about studies so it has been a good studying atmosphere in school so far. However, the focus on continual assessment has been driving me nuts and all the way until JC I had been mugging at the very last minute. All thanks to Huang Cheng during JC that instilled in me this studying habit. While, it’s still the 3rd week and I already felt the need to constantly get familiarised with the lecture notes. I went to my law tutorial and ended up realising how much things I did not know and how much things that I had interpreted wrongly. OMG. Still, I am glad that I learn the right things in the end. =)

Besides, life in uni is so independent and it’s really important to find a group of friends that I can relate to and hang out with. This is important. I mean it’s really very sad to me to just go home right after school or head straight to the library during the break. Life needs to be fun and not just revolving around readings and studying. You got to admit it too, don’t you?

I have also found myself a CCA but being a noob I have been giving myself much unwanted expectations during the practices. Thus, causing my dullness and lowness at some point of time. But, I have come to realise that I should just take things easy and enjoy the cca and to take it recreationally yet serious at the same time. I need to find back the happy feelings I have whenever I go out with those kakis. Yeah, stay +ve. Everyone starts from basics first!

Sadly, I have been missing a lot of my guitar lessons and there goes the school fees too. Sad! I haven’t been improving my guitar playing for very long. I only manage to learn fall for u this whole month!

Ah, but if anyone wants to ask me out, please do! I will just have to sleep later to finish up my tutorials.

I miss you guys. And to Ivan who is in Cornell, enjoy life there.

I hope I can update my blog very soon.

Guys wish me luck!


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end of holidays

Monday was the last climbing lesson in a 4 2 hour-lesson-course. Though we are only taught a few basic techniques, but it was never easy to practise on those techniques. I have to constantly remind myself to practise on those techniques everytime i climb. I am also glad that I met some very nice people, including the instructors and the students, during the course. There is this middle aged mum who is an extremely cute and nice person and we promise to meet up at NUH when school starts to chat and to try out her fantastic healthy sandwich. Most importantly, I get to meet up with this group of people who are interested in climbing and this provides us opportunities to go climbing together whenever we are free.

I also went through the Open Water Diver Course over the weekend at Pulau Tioman, Malaysia.  It was tiring yet breathtaking (pun intended) There are still many areas in life that I have not explored. And the diving trip exposed me to the extensive coral reef life on the seabed, sea turtles, loads and loads of fishes and a spectacular ship wreck. It’s an experience, indeed.

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Today, I went through an arduous journey of making choices. Of course, in the end, I made a wrong choice and I deeply regretted my choice. Ultimately, the sweet temptations no matter how alluring should never overshadow the consequences that one should face if he choose to succumb to the temptations. It is easy to regret. But it is not easy to go back in time and salvage the mistake. What’s done has been done. I just have to face the music.

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i feel like i am going to die real young. it’s odd that i write about this but somehow i have always this ominous feeling around me. that aside, i felt the need to blog about what has happened over the past week cause i am really afraid that i may lose my memory one day.

monday–> met up with kok, amanda and jia wei and had ice cream at ben and jerry where i found my eye candy. she is really cute please. haha! i had a photo with her happy!

wed–>celebrated michael birthday and the usual truth or truth stuff that seems to have bored everyone. so sorry that our og was unable to head down to mambo.

thurs–>tuition. gosh why did i even blog about this? it’s a reminder that i gotten my tuition fees means that i can finance my climbing course that i signed up. 4 mondays in july for two hours of learning experience.

fri–>dinner with liling, kiaying and lynne at prince, coronation plaza; swirl ice cream (cheese and almond lychee) at sereme center. updates and updates and realise that everyone is making some form of progress in life while i am still in the midst of continual of brain degeneration. to newton for supper during which jia hui came and joined us. jia hui!!! you are the best girl! really glad that u realise your dream of buying yourself an old white volkswagen beetle. it’s really cool to sit in the beetle and cruise down the road on a friday midnight. i really enjoy the cool breeze blowing. i am sure that we will still be as close as ever. at least, i know i will put in efforts to ensure this will happen. i am sorry for being so touchy… damien rice songs such as the blower’s daughter and 9 crimes are playing in the background.  a list of plans coming up and i really hope it will work out.

saturday–>went to my cca anniversary even though the attendance was only me, junjie, tsai chiu and alvin. i really had not wanted to go initially because i had not met them for like one year best but really glad that everyone remained pretty the same and it never felt strange. after listening to alvin’s information sharing on law, i have realised that there are so much interesting things towards law. and unsurprisingly, it’s really nice to know how each other has been doing in lives and that we are people who know what we want to achieve. this makes life more worth living for.

sunday–>lunch with my ex-colleagues from TRU at Marriot Hotel. it’s a buffet session and i really ate till i could not take it. everyone’s pretty much the same but i did not realise that someone is leaving the company. it seems like nothing is ever lasting. we really have to cherish every moment we have together. it’s the bits and pieces that make our life interesting. we cannot expect things to last forever. i eventually will sleep in a coffin and be burnt to ashes. while writing this, i can still remember vividly the scene when my uncle’s coffin was being shoved into the furnace. what’s left is just plain ashes and memories.

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bizad camp

OMG. I’m like sitting in front of the com now at 3.30 am wide awake.

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PROCRASTINATION is always bad. I hate myself for procrastinating. I am beginning to be annoyed by my habit of procrastinating. It has led to numerous disappointments in my life.

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climbers lab

Toh guan is really gan far! I remember the IDS warehouse is situated at Toh Guan. It was really a different experience when I headed down there. The whole area is an industrial area and you cannot find any residential buildings. Instead you can find sewage plants, water treatment plants, incinerator plants and of course lots of industrial buildings. It was quite cool that I went there. How many times do you visit these places? At age of 21, I feel that there are a lot of things in Singapore that I have not seen.

I can still remember the cool sea view (with some other country as the backdrop) when I travel up the slope on a tank to BMR.

Alright, I was at Toh Guan because there is a climbing centre situated there. I was very shocked also. It took me quite a while to find the centre. But at least, I found it! And I feel that the place is filled with routes that are harder than the other climbing centers. The route that we tried for a start labelled “I wanna warm up” was a total killer. Subsequent routes of the day were also difficult. So it ended up that we failed to scaled up all the routes that we attempted. It was a day when our hands were so paralysed that we looked like a little kid trying to do a pull up but to no avail.

Pictures taken from http://climbaddict.multiply.com/photos/album/19/A_visit_to_Climbers_Lab# without permission. Owners of the photos, please inform me if I am not allowed to reproduce the photos. Sorry for any inconvenience.

After the exhausting climbing session ( wait wait, do you all know climbing helps in pull ups? I can do more pull ups than when I was going through the gruelling Tank Commander Course), I headed down to Bugis. And I have to apologise to Joseph for pangseing you N-th times. Please do not be angry. Haha! Okay, the important thing was that I was there to see Sodagreen who decided to sing quite a number of sings despite it being just an autograph session. I have to admit that their musical talents are much much superior than many of the bands out there. Each individual instrument has its own splendid melody and the overlapping music arrangements is just COOL oO! For people who are into looks, guys can see the girl, girls/guys can see the electric guitarist. Muahaha.

To leo zhao, this is how short my hair has become!


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